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Color Adapted Tab

The Color Adapted Tab (CAT) font was created by Sarah Fard as a means of music literacy for developing guitarists who may not find staff or standard tab notation accessible. 

Materials on Teacher Pay Teachers are available in the CAT font, as are guitar riffs. You can also download the CAT font here and create your own handouts. 

Colors are added to each line of tab, rather than fret numbers. For example, the following example demonstrates the 3rd fret of the 1st (high E) string:

Rhythm is denoted by blocks, each one representing one beat. 

This is meant to coincide with the format in which many audio programs represent length of sounds in MIDI bars. It gives a visual representation of how long a note lasts, unlike standard tablature, which often relies of auditory skills.  

= 1 beat
= 2 beats
= 4 beats

The four notes below are each one beat and represent the following on the first string:

Open            Open       1st Fret     3rd Fret
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