Expression: Assessing Students

Allowing students to have more than one way of demonstrating their knowledge is important. In guitar playing, we often assess our students based on whether they can perform a task on their instrument. we can differentiate by offering students to use technology, like recording themselves, or using a virtual guitar.

Virtual guitars can support student learning if a physical guitar isn't accessible in playability (fine motor skill, injury, etc) or for financial reasons. The knowledge that students use with a virtual guitar can be transferred to a physical guitar, with proper supports. With that said, virtual guitars also pose difficulties: playing more that one note is not often possible, for example.

Use the following links to access virtual guitar practice, organised by number of strings. The virtual guitar in use on this site comes from Apronus. 

Musicca and Recursive Arts also offer virtual guitars that are web based and free!

Colorful Guitars

**Please Note That The Virtual Guitar Links Do Not Work Well on Cell Phones At The Moment- Apologies!

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